Veterans' Advisory Board

Emory Healthcare has formed a Veterans' Advisory Board. The board consists of veterans who currently work at Emory Healthcare.

Mission Statement: Emory Healthcare (EHC) is committed to providing a positive work experience to our veteran employee population. In order to create and foster a positive work experience, Emory Healthcare partners with its veteran employees to help attract, motivate and retain employees.

- Must be an active employee of Emory Healthcare in good standing.
- Must have served or is serving as a member of U.S. armed forces or reserves.
- Must be actively employed with Emory Healthcare for one or more years.
- Must have approval of immediate supervisor to participate as Board member.
- Must be available to attend quarterly meetings each year.
- Must serve as a positive role model for Emory Healthcare.
- Must be able to attend job fairs and other recruiting events.

Meeting Frequency: The board meets quarterly on the fourth Thursday of the first month of the quarter. The next meeting is Thursday, January 31, 2013, from 8:30-10 a.m. at the Recruitment Center in the Houston Building, Wesley Woods Campus.

Meeting Duration: Maximum 1.5 hours

Meeting Location: EHC entity (To be determined by Board members)

- To keep EHC HR abreast of military or federal regulatory changes that could impact employment.
- To serve as an internal resource that represents military viewpoint for EHC to obtain feedback related to new employee initiatives.
- To advise EHC Recruitment of effective marketing strategies to appeal to veterans and current military applicants.
- To keep EHC HR Recruitment informed of upcoming military events for company participation.
- To advise EHC HR Recruitment if changes are needed in recruiting policies and procedures as they pertain to veterans.
- To serve as mentor to other veterans newly employed with EHC.
- To assist EHC HR Recruitment and perspective candidates to interpret or translate military experience or skills and abilities to comparable EHC positions.
- Must be able to travel to other locations and participate as an EHC representative in job fairs or other recruiting activities.

Advisory Board Chairperson: Eric Barnes

Executive Sponsor: Adair Maller, Director, Recruitment & Retention

Find out what happened at the board's first meeting here.

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Some of our Emory Healthcare veterans

Veterans' Advisory Board Members

Linda Adams
Eric Barnes
Bryan Castle
Kenneth "Jeron" Boatner
Pearl Evans
Robert Hammond
Searless Hathaway
Carolyn Hill
Mike Holland
Tania Holland
Kim Landmon
Gary Lee
Roderick Newbold
Tajana Romanko
Andre Void
Michael Watson
Jean Youngblood