Executive Health Center

World-class medicine, on your schedule

Emory Executive Health offers comprehensive preventive health care services to key corporate leaders, as well as local and international individuals. A profit and loss statement is not the only gauge of corporate health. In today's challenging world, attracting and maintaining top executives for management positions is key to competing effectively. Keeping that top management team in top health is not just the smart thing to do...it's absolutely critical for success. We combine one-on-one attention from our physicians and staff with leading technology and Emory Healthcare's world-class clinical services.

Typical physical examinations covered by most insurance plans, while effective, may be limited in scope and inconvenient. That's why we created Emory Executive Health, a wide-ranging health program that encompasses the latest discoveries and technologies in health care. Based on protocols developed by Emory physicians who arrange and conduct the exams, your corporate physical is augmented by an extensive health risk assessment to mitigate and prevent future health problems.

Why should your company choose Emory Executive Health for your corporate health program?

Clinical quality: World-class medicine with world-renowned Emory Physicians ensures a superior clinical experience.

Unparalleled customer service: In a national survey, Emory Executive Health was ranked in the top 3 percent of all outpatient practices in overall patient satisfaction.

Experience: Emory Executive Health has served many major corporations throughout Georgia and nationwide for 25 years.

Efficiency: One-stop services and one-day appointments save your executives time while catering to their busy schedules. Other corporate health programs require overnight stays or subsequent follow-up appointments.

Continued care coordination: Extensive follow-up care and care coordination is available with all clinical specialties, facilities and resources of Emory Healthcare throughout the year.

Private Suite: Comfortable executive health suite, including upgrades such as well-equipped patient lounge, refreshments, oversized exam rooms, a changing room with lockers and one-on-one personalized attention by Emory Executive Health's dedicated staff.

Find out more about using Emory Executive Health for your corporate health program. Or, browse our site to find out more about the services and physicians we offer.

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