Build Updates

The elevated bridge from the Lowergate parking deck is now in place! To walk over to The Emory Clinic (TEC) Buildings A, B and Emory University Hospital (EUH,) please exit the parking deck from level “B” (bluebird). You can still access TEC C (Winship) from level “A.” Signs have been posted to announce the change.

Woodruff Circle is also complete. Woodruff Circle is now accessible to shuttles only; drop off/pick up is available on the renovated Means Drive location.

Completed Milestones

  • Summer 2013 – TEC A access project is complete, including the new valet drop off area and TEC lobby.TEC B valet traffic will be relocated to TEC A, as digging begins on the hospital tower location.
  • Summer 2013 – Dig at hospital tower site reaches the bottom, and we begin the parking deck foundation. Begin construction on hospital tower foundation and underground parking.

TEC A design

December 2012: Completed project outside of TEC A, including elevated bridge, valet drop off and new lobby.