Woodruff Circle

Woodruff Circle was recently redesigned to provide better, more convenient shuttle access, enhance safety and improve the aesthetics of the overall Clifton Road campus. Now, Woodruff Circle provides a welcomed improvement to Emory UUniversity Hospital (EUH), as well as safer, better access for patients and staff coming to the hospital.

In an effort to include sustainable practices in our facilities, the new Woodruff Circle features a bioswale, a feature built into the natural landscape designed to remove chemicals and other pollutants from runoff water in high-traffic areas, such as busy roads and parking lots.   

Old Design of Woodruff Circle                      New Design of Woodruff Circle

Current Woodruff DesignFuture Woodruff Design

Improvements include:
• Quicker, direct shuttle route from the Clairmont parking deck to EUH
• Removal of shuttles from Lowergate Drive, improving patient and visitor access
• Improved intersection at Uppergate Drive, including a new traffic signal and crosswalk
• Shuttle stops added at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta and Winship
• Safer, uncongested location to load/unload passengers

Check back for photos of the new and improved Woodruff Circle!


Please check back for regular updates to the Clifton Road construction.

If you have any questions, please email communications@emoryhealthcare.org.

What about the trees?

To make way for the new green space, we will need to remove some trees.

• Four existing trees have already been relocated.
• Twenty-six trees will be removed and recycled for furniture and lumber; the branches will be mulched.
• One hundred thirty-three trees will be planted.