Clifton Campus Expansion

Clifton Campus Expansion

If you’ve been on the Clifton Campus, you’ve noticed a lot of construction happening! The variety of projects taking place are preparing for the arrival of the new hospital tower, which will provide additional beds and clinical space on the Clifton Campus.

Details on the new bed tower

Proposed design

This patient- and family-centered facility, which we anticipate will open in 2017, includes:

  • 210 patient beds
  • 450,000 square feet and nine levels
  • Patient care units for cancer and transplant (liver, pancreas, kidney)
  • Diagnostic and treatment spaces
  • ICU rooms
  • General Med/Surg rooms
  • 500 underground parking spaces
  • A new pedestrian bridge concourse will connect EUH, Emory Clinic and Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University to the new building.

mockup bedFeedback from patients, family members, staff and clinicians helped to shape the design of the patient rooms in the new hospital bed tower. An acute care bed mock-up room was constructed in January 2015 and has been an ongoing place for feedback.The room has been viewed by approximately 200 people between January to June 2015. They have given their input on everything from cabinet locations, to window and door sizes, outlet locations and light switch configurations. The mock-up was constructed within the EUH expansion project offices behind the Lowergate parking deck. Read more about the mock-up in the Woodruff Global Report, August 2015. 

fun facts- The exterior of the building will use 1,500 tons of marble stone! Learn more about the marble used for the new bed tower, here.

- When the tower project is complete, the services currently on EUH 4A, 4B and 5A will relocate to newly renovated space in the existing EUH location and we will close 82 patient rooms in the oldest part of EUH, as they no longer meet our growing technological needs. The Emergency Department at EUH will remain in its recently expanded location at EUH.

look ahead

Snapshots of finished projects

Before beginning construction on the tower, we needed to improve access in and around EUH and TEC buildings. The following completed construction projects are all paving the way for the new hospital tower:

  • Reconfiguration of Woodruff Circle to centralize shuttle pickup/drop-off areas, which eased traffic congestion by removing 500+ shuttles per day off of Lowergate Drive.
  • EUH Emergency Department expansion and renovation, which now boasts 34 beds in an 18,300-square-foot space.
  • EUH Operating Room (3rd floor) expansion and renovation.
  • EUH valet improvements that doubled the size of the operation.
  • Build out of new Admissions and Care Initiation Unit on the 2nd floor of EUH.
  • Reconfiguration of the Emory Clinic valet area, which provides better traffic flow, coverage for patients waiting for their cars, a spacious lobby, better wayfinding and a covered pedestrian bridge from the parking deck.

These projects have freed up much of the traffic congestion on the Clifton Campus, making way for the additional volume we can expect once the tower is complete.

EUH Expansion Progress Reports

September 2015

May 2015

Updates on Bridges and Concourses

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New Building Concept

From the architect:

"The Emory University Hospital expansion project was envisioned to reflect the heritage and character of historic Emory University. At the same time, the new building will, in its contemporary detailing and modern elements, represent Emory University Hospital as a leader among health care institutions. The design evokes Emory's stately existing campus buildings, but with a contemporary style that reflects a vision toward the future."