Sustainability and Construction

At Emory Healthcare, we believe protecting the environment is essential, and we strive to do our part to look after the Earth. Whether for patients, visitors, physicians, employees or the community as a whole, we “think green” whenever possible.

As we work on improving the Clifton Campus, we keep these principles in mind!

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Calhoun tree planting

A crew works to replant the Calhoun oak tree in front of EUH.

Fun Facts

The last week in August, Lifecycle Building Center salvaged many items (sinks, handrails, countertops, signs, etc.) from the sorority houses to reuse in projects throughout the community.

20,000 truckloads of dirt will be hauled off from the hole dug to construct the hospital tower parking deck.

The trees removed from outside TEC B will be replaced by 133 trees throughout campus.

We are reviewing options to incorporate salvaged wood from the trees into the new hospital tower and are contacting salvage yards to develop plans to reuse some of the wood.