Bariatric Surgery

The Emory Bariatric Center is a multi-specialty program that treats obesity using nutrition and exercise therapy, lifestyle education, pharmacotherapy and the following surgical procedures:

  • Gastric bypass, involving reduction in stomach size and diverting food through the small intestine to limit digestion. Food absorption is reduced& and patients feel full after eating less food. Post-procedure, most patients lose two-thirds of their excess weight within two years.
  • Gastric banding, a minimally-invasive, fully reversible procedure where doctors place an adjustable, removable silicone band around the upper stomach to reduce stomach size. While digestion isn't impacted, patients eat less and feel full more quickly.
  • Sleeve gastrectomy, where the remaining stomach is reshaped into the form of a sleeve after 75% of it has been removed. Patients experience normal digestion and report feeling full more quickly and having less hunger.

For detailed information including patient testimonials, visit our Emory Bariatric Center website. For appointments and information, please call 404-778-5673, or contact Emory HealthConnectionSM at 404-778-7777 or 1-800-75-EMORY.