Geriatric Hospital Admissions

Before arriving at the geriatric hospital, please make sure that you have packed all of the items mentioned in our outline of preparing for your stay.


Prior to admission for your stay at the Wesley Woods Geriatric Hospital, you may be required to go through a pre-certification process with your insurance company. While the insurance deductibles, copays and coverage of our patients vary widely, nearly all non-Medicare insurance plans require this pre-certification process before obtaining geriatric care. Prospective patients can work with their physicians prior to hospital admission to ensure they have properly met pre-certification requirements.

While you are a patient at Wesley Woods Geriatric Hospital, our staff will be in communication with your insurance provider to make sure you continue to meet requirements for your stay. Please note, pre-certification is not a guarantee of payment.


Patients of our geriatric hospital should bring insurance verification cards on the day of admission. Upon admission, estimated deductibles and verified co-insurance payments may be collected. During your stay as a geriatric patient, we will estimate how much of the hospital bill is your direct responsibility. Upon discharge, the amount determined to be patient responsibility will be due unless prior arrangements have been made with the hospital's patient accounts department.