Patient Discharge

Planning for patient discharge is an important step in the hospitalization process at Wesley Woods Geriatric Hospital. Within three days of arrival, one of our staff members will contact the patient's family to begin discussing discharge needs.

Following a thorough patient evaluation, the patient's physician will discuss the level of care that will be needed post-discharge from the hospital. Depending upon specific patient needs, this level of care may involve home health services or placement in an elderly care facility. Our geriatric care team will assist elderly patients in setting up the necessary services required after discharge.    

The geriatric treatment team of each patient will make every effort to provide patients and family 24-hour notice prior to the patient released or discharged. For patients needing placement in a care facility, our staff will try to accommodate the wishes of our patients and families. However, please note that for Medicare patients, Medicare guidelines require that we must discharge patients to the first available bed. For these patients, we recommend touring care facilities as soon as the geriatric treatment team indicates care will be required at such a facility after discharge.   

To make sure that information about the care our patients receive at Wesley Woods Geriatric Hospital is shared with their primary and outpatient care physicians and psychiatrists (where applicable), we ask that you provide us with their contact information prior to discharge from the hospital. 

Billing After Discharge:

Once a patient has been discharged, Wesley Woods Geriatric Hospital bills the patient’s insurance provider(s) for the care and treatment(s) received during the patient stay. We will bill secondary insurance providers once primary insurance has made initial payment. After approved amounts have been paid by all insurance providers, patients receive a bill for the remaining balance not covered by insurance.

Please keep in mind that physician’s services are billed separately through The Emory Clinic. Patients will receive separate bills from the geriatric hospital and physician.

We realize that individuals have choice as to where they receive patient care and we appreciate the opportunity to serve our patients and their families. If at any time you do not feel we are providing the level of care you expect, please do not hesitate to ask for the Unit Director and/or Patient Relations Coordinator. If you have questions about your hospital bill, please contact the financial services department at 404-686-7041.