Budd Terrace at Wesley Woods Admission

Upon admission, the patient/resident or the family member or other person responsible for the new senior resident should come to the nursing home Admissions Office located on the first floor of the Budd Terrace building where an admissions counselor will help with the sign-in process.

Patients and residents should bring:

  • Insurance verification/ID cards (including Medicare or any supplemental insurance)
  • Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care: A Living Will spells out patient wishes regarding end-of-life care in case of debilitating health situations. Durable Power of Attorney is a form which gives a family member or other person the right to make healthcare decisions for another if they are not able to do so. These forms are not required, but Budd Terrace nursing home residents, like patients in most hospital settings, are strongly encouraged to consider these issues.
  • A check for the first bill, if resident or their family member will be paying for the charges. This initial bill will be prorated at the daily rate for the number of days remaining in the current month. If the resident is admitted after the 25th day of the current month, the initial bill will include the remaining days of the current month and the charges for the next month.
  • Power of Attorney: This legal document gives a family member or other person the right to handle another’s business affairs. It is not required.

Information needed by medical and nursing staff:

If a nursing home patient is coming from home or a personal care home, bring either a pharmacy printout of all current medications OR simply bring all current medication bottles or tubes. The healthcare team must be notified of every medication (including over-the-counter) and supplements a resident is taking.