Items to Bring

Residents of the Budd Terrace should bring the following personal items with them for their stay:

• Any needed denture supplies and container
• Electric razor or razors, shaving and aftershave lotions
• Makeup, body powder
• Hair supplies, including comb, brush, shampoo
• Deodorant
• Facial tissues
• 9 full sets of undergarments and 2 washable sweaters
• 7 pairs of stockings or socks and 4 nightgowns or pajama sets
• 2 pairs of flat, non-skid shoes and 1 coat or jacket
• 2 pairs of washable, non-skid slippers and 1 robe
• 7 casual outfits and 2 belts

Budd Terrace provides regular laundry service (all clothing should be machine washable and able to withstand high wash/dry temperatures). Staff will label your clothing items. Due to limited closet space, please bring items for the current season only.

Items to bring to personalize living quarters:

The Budd Terrace nursing home provides a bed (which must be used), bedspread, pillow, dresser and bedside table for senior residents. Residents can also bring other personal items, provided they are in very good condition and do not over crowd the room. Budd Terrace will provide nursing home residents assistance moving in. For residents bringing furniture items from home, please park at the loading dock (located on the side of the Budd Terrace nursing facility) between 9 a.m. – 11 a.m., 2 p.m. - 4 p.m., or after 7 p.m.

Suggested items to bring from home include:

• Clothes hangers
• Small, covered clothes hamper, especially if the patient has elected not to have laundry done through the nursing home facility
• Blanket and personal pillow
• Pictures, photographs, favorite objects and lamps (residents are encouraged to place their names on these and other objects)


• Wheelchair, walker or any other adaptive equipment
• Telephone. The resident or family is responsible for phone line activation and monthly charges, although Budd Terrace will reimburse the costs of a telephone jack installation if one is not already present in the room. BellSouth will need the resident’s room number and the address of the nursing home before connecting the line.
• Television set. Budd Terrace provides the cable connection and basic cable service without charge.
• Small refrigerator. Residents are responsible for maintenance and cleanliness of refrigerators.

Please note that all electrical equipment must be inspected for safety by the maintenance staff before being moved into the room. Appliances NOT allowed include (but are not limited to) portable space heaters, electrical fans, lamps with clip-on shades, halogen lamps or bulbs, and cooking equipment such as hot plates. Use of electric blankets, heating pads, humidifiers and dehumidifiers is permitted only with a physician’s approval.