Family Planning

gyn consultThe physicians in our family planning division have received specialty training in complex contraceptive services and reproductive options. We provide non-judgmental care in a safe environment, where every patient is treated with respect and dignity. Our goal is to ensure that every pregnancy is wanted.

We offer the full range of contraceptive and reproductive options and work with each patient to determine the best method for her lifestyle and health. We have special expertise in providing effective contraception and reproductive choices for women with complex medical issues including cardiac and pulmonary conditions, renal disease, bleeding disorders, and diabetes.

Success Rates of Popular Contraceptive Options:

Most Effective  Intrauterine devices
(IUDs; e.g., Mirena®)
Female sterilization  Implants
(e.g., Nexplanon)
Effective  Injectables
(e.g., Depo-Provera®) 
Hormone Pills         

Hormone patches and rings
(e.g., NuvaRing®)

Least Effective Male or female condoms Diaphragms Fertility awareness-based methods
(e.g., rhythm method) 
Highest Failure Rate Withdrawal before ejaculation  Spermicide

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