Linton Bishop, MD: Emory Heart Legend

Father of Cardiology at Crawford Long Hospital

Dr. Linton Bishop is a second-generation Emory Medical School alumnus. His father graduated in 1908 from the Atlanta College of Physicians and Surgeons, a precursor to the Emory University School of Medicine. From his father, Dr. Bishop learned compassion for his patients and equal treatment of all of his patients, regardless of socioeconomic status.

A profound experience in Dr. Bishop's career led to the creation of a cornerstone of cardiac care at Emory. Dr. Bishop was unable to adequately treat a long-time patient, Carlyle Fraser, for a heart attack, due to the limitations at the time on cardiac and medical technology.

Carlyle Fraser died in 1961, but in 1973, the Carlyle Fraser Heart Center was established at Crawford Long Hospital, as the result of a generous gift from Fraser's wife, Isobel Fraser. The Carlyle Fraser Heart Center soon became a leading center in the Southeast for cardiac referrals, diagnosis, treatment, and research, and developed a reputation nationally for excellence in cardiac care. As a result, clinicians and researchers of the highest caliber have been attracted to the Carlyle Fraser Heart Center, and have continued to uphold the standard of excellence set by Dr. Bishop.

The establishment and growth of the Carlyle Fraser Heart Center has greatly contributed to the strength of Emory's position as a leader in cardiac care.

Dr. Bishop served on the Emory Board of Trustees. He retired from Crawford Long Hospital in 1990.

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