Heart Healthy Recipes

Want to Eat Heart Healthy (and Delicious) Meals?

Heart Healthy RecipesAmy Dillenbeck, Exercise Physiologist at Emory HeartWise℠ Risk Reduction Program, knows healthy eating is an important part of a heart healthy lifestyle. "Taking control of your diet can help you maintain a healthy weight, lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease," she says. "And it's a lot easier to eat healthy meals if they are also delicious and easy to prepare."

To encourage heart smart eating, Amy collected recipes from HeartWise participants and staff and several Emory Heart & Vascular Center doctors. The result is Recipes From The Heart, a cookbook loaded with scrumptious, guilt-free meals from soups to desserts. (Call Patty Watson at 404-778-2858 to purchase the cookbook, or stop by the fifth floor of The Emory Clinic at 1525 Clifton Road and ask for a copy. The cookbook costs $10. All proceeds go to a scholarship fund for the HeartWise℠ program.)

Here are some sample recipes: