Center for Heart Disease Prevention

Cardiac RehabilitationEmory Heart & Vascular Center specialists provide a collaborative and comprehensive approach to the prevention, detection and reversal of heart disease. We offer a full range of prevention and wellness programs that will help you stay healthy. Whether you visit our Heart Disease Prevention Clinic or take part in Emory’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program / HeartWise℠ Risk Reduction Program, you can count on our commitment to guiding you to a healthier way of life for yourself and those you love.

Our Mission:

"To improve cardiovascular outcomes in heart disease prevention through the highest quality patient and family-centered care, research and education."

Services Offered:

Exercise stress testing (six-minute walk, bicycle and treadmill tests)
Heart monitoring (event monitoring, 24- and 48-hour Holter monitoring)
Ankle-brachial index (ABI) testing
Ultrasound (carotid ultrasonography, limited abdominal ultrasonography, bubble studies, transthoracic/stress echocardiography)
Nutrition, optimal living, weight management and exercise counseling
♥ Lab screenings to identify risk factors for heart diseasehyp
♥ Free monthly community education classes
Cardiac rehabilitation
Hypertension (High Blood Pressure) treatment
♥ The only LDL Apheresis (Low Density Lipoprotein) site in Georgia

These programs can also help you manage other chronic diseases such as diabetes, certain kinds of cancer, osteoporosis and chronic low back pain. So even if you don't suffer from any of these problems, you may find the information in our programs that are useful for losing weight, boosting energy, and promoting overall good health.

Heart Attack Prevention

Heart Attack Prevention

When choosing a hospital to treat your heart condition, it is important that you choose one that is chest pain accredited. Both Emory University Hospital and Emory University Hospital Midtown are accredited by the Society of Chest Pain Centers (SCPC), which indicates a higher level of emergency cardiac care services. Learn More.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehab

Emory’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Program / HeartWise℠ Risk Reduction Program (HeartWise℠) serves not only patients who currently suffer from heart disease, but also aims to identify those who could be candidates for problems down the road (smokers, people who do not exercise, a person with high blood pressure), and try to lead them down a healthier path. Learn More.

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