Inspiration for The Rollins Pavilion

John and Michele Rollins

John Rollins

John W. Rollins, Sr. (1916-2000)
Inspiration and support for the Pavilion come from the generosity of John W. Rollins, Sr. Born on a North Georgia farm, Mr. Rollins owned and operated 12 businesses by the time he was 35. Mr. Rollin’s example of self-reliance and integrity earned him the Horatio Alger award. And, his desire to help others extended to his community in support of scholarships for the underprivileged. His commitment to see this facility become a reality is a testament to Mr. Rollin’s dedication, generosity and support for others.

Michele M. Rollins

Michele M. Rollins
Michele M. Rollins has played an integral part in the development of the Rollins Pavilion from its inception. A former staff attorney at the Securities and Exchange Commission, chairman of Rollins Jamaica, Ltd., the holding company for Rose Hall Ltd. and president of Brandywine Town Center, Michelle Rollins has also been a dedicated wife and mother. After the death of her husband John W. Rollins, Sr., Michelle Rollins dedicated the Rollins Pavilion II when it opened in June 2000.

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