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Emory International

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Emory International

Emory Healthcare is conveniently located near the world’s busiest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, in the heart of metro Atlanta. At Emory, we understand how stressful traveling abroad for medical care can be. Our care coordinators specialize in providing personalized assistance to international patients and can coordinate an international patient’s entire visit, across all specialties.

Prior to Arrival
  • Obtaining medical records from outside facilities
  • Scheduling appointments throughout the continuum of care
  • Providing personalized information packets with appointment information, contact numbers, travel itineraries, maps, hotels, etc.
  • Providing travel recommendations and logistical coordination
During Your Visit
  • Personal escort to appointments, as needed
  • 24/7 language interpretation services
  • Assistance during inpatient stay and following discharge
  • Assistance with unique patient requests, including security details, dietary restrictions and transportation arrangements
  • Follow-up appointment scheduling
  • Financial counseling
  • Private lounge
Following Your Visit
  • Consolidated final bills
  • Assistance with obtaining medical records
  • Assistance with prescriptions
  • Follow-up with clinical and administrative staff
  • Future appointment scheduling

Why Choose Emory Healthcare?

Emory develops and pioneers many of the world’s groundbreaking medical advancements that are changing the way health care is delivered. Below are just some of the ways Emory is transforming health care.

3-D Endoscopic Pituitary Tumor Removal

The Emory Pituitary Center is among the first in the world to use a new and innovative treatment method, 3-D endoscopy, for the removal of pituitary tumors.

Watch the video.

Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation

Emory University Hospital is one of approximately 20 sites in the United States, and the first and most comprehensive in the Southeast, to study transcatheter aortic valve implantation for aortic stenosis.

Watch the video.

Whipple Surgery for Cancer of the Pancreas

Emory surgeons are leading the way towards perfecting the Whipple procedure. This major surgical operation is used to treat cancers of the head of the pancreas, the distal bile duct or the duodenum, as well as pancreatitis.

Watch the video.

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