Caring for Your Baby

foot printsBecoming Acquainted

All mothers will have their babies in their rooms as much as possible. If mother or baby is ill and requires special care, other arrangements may be made. Having your baby with you will help you learn to care for him or her with the nurse's help and guidance. You will be able to care for your baby at your own pace. While caring for your baby over a consistent period of hours, you will begin to learn the meaning of his or her behavior and how to meet your baby's needs. You will have an opportunity to feed your baby when he or she is hungry, to handle, hold and rock your baby when he or she needs attention, and to become well acquainted with your baby's reactions.

Learning About Yourself and Baby

From the time your baby is born, your nurse will be teaching you how to care for your newborn and yourself. Your nurse will give you a discharge instruction packet. The packet is designed to provide information about breastfeeding, bottle feeding, newborn care and postpartum/home care. Other topics about home care are included in this packet. Television programs on mother and baby care also are available on closed circuit TV channel 20. Fathers and other family members also are encouraged to watch.

Birth Certificates

A medical records clerk will come to your room with a birth certificate worksheet to fill out. A formal copy will be made from this worksheet and filed with the state. You may order this official copy three months after the baby is born. If you have questions about the birth certificate, call our Medical Records Department at 404-686-2482.

Baby Pictures

Baby pictures are taken soon after delivery for security reasons. The baby picture is taken in a souvenir Emory University Hospital Midtown t-shirt. If there is a special outfit that you would prefer your newborn to wear for the picture, tell your nurse and bring it with you.

If you would like, your baby's photo can be placed on the hospital's Web site for family and friends to view. You are able to password protect your baby's picture so that only family and friends with the password have access to the photos. If you have any questions about purchasing the pictures, a representative will visit and answer questions.

Newborn Security

To safeguard your newborn, an infant security transmitter will be applied to your baby's arm. You and one (1) support person will be issued identical arm bands with the same number. Do not remove the armbands until you are released from the hospital. If your baby has to stay, plan to keep your armband until the baby is discharged.

Never leave your baby unattended, even if you go to the bathroom. Take the baby with you. Let the nurse know if you plan to leave the room for any reason. Your baby may go to the nursery while you are gone.

Never give your baby to anyone unless they are wearing an Emory University Hospital Midtown photo ID badge. Remember if anyone needs to see your baby for any reason, make sure you know who they are and why they need to see your baby. Call your nurse if you have doubts about anyone. Be sure you know your nurse's name and you are familiar with anyone who cares for your baby. If you do not know the person who comes to the room to ask about the baby, call your nurse right away. Don't delay!

If your baby has to have tests, find out how long they take, who is doing the tests and why. Most tests can be done in the room. If you are in doubt about anyone entering the room, call the nurses' station right away! Always use a bassinet to transport the baby in the halls and to the nursery.

Infant Safety Seat

Because of the Georgia state law requiring the use of an approved car seat at all times, all babies must be in car seats when they leave the hospital. It is Georgia law that all children under the age of three be placed in a safety seat. The recommended place for the car seat is in the middle of the backseat facing to the rear of the car with the seat at a 45-degree angle or less. Someone should be able to see the baby at all times. The car seat should be secured and belted according to the manufacturers' recommendations.

Emory University Hospital Midtown does not provide infant safety seats. Please know how to operate your infant safety seat and practice how to put the baby in and adjust the straps before discharge.

After Discharge

If you get home and have questions about self-care, breastfeeding, bottlefeeding or baby care, you may call us at 404-686-2237. If you think that either you or your baby is sick, please call your doctor as soon as possible for instructions.