Prenatal Visit Schedule

At every prenatal visit we would like to discuss how you are doing, any new signs or symptoms you are experiencing, and any questions you may have regarding your pregnancy. In addition, we will check your urine, weight, and blood pressure. We will also listen to your baby's heartbeat once you are more than 12 weeks pregnant.

The first trimester includes a prenatal visit once every month.

First Visit (6-10 weeks after your last menstrual period)

- Complete history and physical

- Perform pap smear and vaginal infection testing

- Obtain blood work - blood type, blood count, immunity to rubella, testing for hepatitis B, HIV, and syphilis

- Discuss any genetic screening you may wish to have completed

10-14 Weeks

- Review your lab work with you

The second trimester includes a prenatal visit once every month.

15-18 Weeks

- Obtain additional blood work - alpha-fetoprotein (AFP-4) testing to screen for neural tube defects, Down's syndrome, and Trisomy 16 and 18 (this testing is optional) 18-22 Weeks

- Perform ultrasound to evaluate your baby's growth and development (as well as to try to determine the baby's gender, if you wish!)

24-28 Weeks

- Complete gestational diabetes screening - takes one hour (you do not need to fast for this test)

- Inject Rhogam shot if your blood type is Rh negative

- Register for birthing classes and plan a tour of the Maternity Center

The third trimester includes a prenatal visit every 2 weeks, then once a week beginning at 36 weeks.

30 Weeks

- Begin every 2 week visits

35-37 Weeks

- Begin weekly visits at 36 weeks

- Perform Group B Strep screening38 Weeks until Delivery

- Check cervix for dilation (optional)