Emory Medical Laboratory (EML) Outpatient Request Forms

As of October 5, 2013, Please use the following “Updated” requisition and discard all others.
If you have any questions, please contact:
EML Customer Service at (404)712–5227
Derrick E. Boykin, Client Liaison at (404)686-3777.

Communication Outreach Letter (09.20.13) 


Microbiology: Microbiology Requisition Form (090913)
Molecular: Molecular Diagnostics Form (090413)
Flow Cytometry: Flow Cytometry General Request Form (090413)
Core/ General: Core Lab General Outpatient Request Form (090513)
HLA: HLA - DNA Chimerism Testing Request Form (091913)
HLA Non Solid Organ Req DNA typing Form (091813)
HLA Solid Organ - Post Transplant Form (092313)
HLA Solid Organ - Revised Generic Master form (091813)

Special Coagulation/

Special Hemostasis Form (090513)