Prevent the Spread. Control Infection. Follow the below checklist to complete the Provider Patient Safety Module requirements by the deadline, 4 p.m., Monday, December 4, 2017.

Take the module here

1. Complete your influenza vaccination requirement by completing A OR B below

A. Get your influenza vaccination.

  • EHC- or EU-employed providers, if you get vaccinated at Employee Health, don’t forget to complete the online consent form (pre-registration) prior to getting vaccinated by Employee Health. Log on to e-Vantage, select Self Service, then Workplace Health and Register Influenza Vaccine to complete the form. (Access e-Vantage at Log on with your network ID and password.)
  • You can get vaccinated for free at an EHC flu vaccination event or Employee Health
  • If you receive the vaccination outside of Employee Health, submit documentation to Cindy Hall via email at or fax to 404-686-1527.
  • The vaccine is mandatory for all providers, except those with documented medical contraindications or a religious exemption form signed by their religious leader. See B below if you would like to file an exemption.

B. File your medical or religious exemption to influenza vaccination.

  • The vaccine is mandatory for all providers, except those with documented medical contraindications or a religious exemption form signed by their religious leader. Remember: You must apply for exemption each year.
  • Egg-free vaccines are available at Employee Health locations; an egg allergy cannot be applied to the medical contraindications exemption.
  • Religious exemption forms must be signed by a religious leader/spiritual advisor in the community; in-house chaplains will not sign exemption forms.
  • To submit a completed medical or religious exemption form (form available in Employee Health or in the Annual Provider Patient Safety Module), email the form to Cindy Hall at or fax to 404-686-1527.
  • NEW THIS YEAR: You must state your exemption reason when filing a medical exemption.

2. Complete your TB test requirement

  • Get the TB test (tests performed within the past 12 months are permitted), unless previously tuberculin skin test (TST) positive. You can obtain a TB test at Employee Health at no cost. Non-EHC-employed providers can go to any of the Employee Health offices to have the TB test placed and read. If not done at Employee Health, TST should be placed and read by an appropriately qualified individual.
  • If you do not have your TB test placed and read at Emory Healthcare Employee Health, you must submit documentation of your TST and/or T-spot/QuantiFeron results to Cindy Hall in Employee Health at or fax to 404-686-1527.
  • Example of TST documentation:
    Cynthia Hall
    L arm
    Date placed: 8/5/17
    Expiration date: 11/11/2018
    Lot #: 123123
    Date read: 8/7/2017
    Reader: John Joe

3. Complete all requirements in the Provider Patient Safety Module

To make the process more efficient, we recommend you complete your influenza vaccination and TB test requirements before logging in to complete your module. Make sure to have all records of your influenza vaccination and TB test available when accessing the module.

  1. Access the module.
  2. Document your influenza vaccination status in the module’s influenza vaccination section.
  3. Record your TB test by entering your TST and/or T-spot/ QuantiFeron (if you have a history of a past positive TST or T-spot/QuantiFeron) results in the TB section in the module.
  4. Complete the online curriculum in the appropriate sections. This includes: Infection control test; and five modules: Compliance, Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act (EMTALA), Georgia Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, Patients with English Language or Hearing Barriers, and CMS Requirements for Admit Orders
  5. Review, add or update your immunizations in the immunizations section of the module.

To confirm you have completed the module

When you have completed all of the requirements, the overview page shows all sections as complete and offers you the option of printing a certificate (see below image).

Module completion certificate


Employee Health: Cindy Hall, 404-686-7947, 

Employee Health locations

Infection Control questions related to module content: James Steinberg, MD, 404-686-8910

Technical problems: 404-778-4357

Medical Staff Offices:
- Emory Johns Creek Hospital: 678-474-7036 or 678-474-7024
- Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital: 678-843-7998
- Emory University Hospital: 404-712-7371 or 404-712-2269
- Emory University Hospital Midtown: 404-686-1690