Verification Letters

Please read all of the following before attempting to pull a verification letter:

  • Our verification letters are produced in a web based application "iResponse". If you have never registered on our iResponse site, then you must register by clicking on the icon under the header "New Users". Please remember to list your name correctly. Do not use all CAPS or all lower case. After you complete your registration, you should be able to pull verification letters.
  • The vendor of the web based application (CACTUS Software) have provided us with a list of recommended web browsers, which are listed below.
    • Internet Explorer 7 or later
    • Firrefox 1.5 or later
    • Google Chrome
    • Safari

If you are still having difficulty getting the verification letter to display, please contact our office via e-mail at and include what issue you are experiencing, your name, organization name, your e-mail address and telephone number in case we have further questions about your issue.

Access Verification Letters here.