Carl D'Orsi, MD

Carl D'Orsi, MD

Carl D’Orsi, MD, who started practicing at Emory in 2002, is Professor of Radiology, Oncology and Hematology, Emeritus Director of the Division of Breast Imaging and currently the Director of Breast Imaging Research.


Radiology (Board certified since 1971)

Areas of Expertise

Breast Imaging

Groundbreaking Research and Clinical Trials

Dr. D’Orsi’s research group at University of Massachusetts, along with colleagues at the University of Colorado, conducted the first USA screening trial comparing film/screen to digital mammography.

Emory has completed a trial for stereo digital mammography and will report the results of a comparison between standard digital mammography and stereo mammography on 850 patients and 1,454 exams.

The Road to Emory: Education

  • Medical School: State University of New York, Downstate Medical Center New York, New York, 1963-66
  • Internship: Jewish Hospital of Brooklyn, Brooklyn, New York, 1966-67
  • Residency: Department of Radiology, Kings County Hospital, Brooklyn, New York, 1967-69; Department of Radiology, New York Medical College, New York, New York, 1969-70


  • Radiological Society of North America
  • Society of Breast Imaging
  • American College of Radiology
  • American Roentgen Ray Society
  • New York Roentgen Ray Society
  • Georgia Radiological Society


  • Recipient of Radiology Editor’s Recognition Award with Distinction 1989, 1990, 1993, 1994, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2009
  • Recipient of Brigham Women’s Hospital Radiology Alumnus of theYear, June 2002, Boston, MA
  • American College of Radiology, Distinguished Committee Service Award, “Task Force on Screening Technologies”, Feb. 2003, Feb. 2005
  • American Board of Radiology, Distinguished Service Award, Sept. 2003, Dec. 2010
  • American Board of Radiology, Recognition for Dedication to the Early Detection of Breast Cancer, Nov. 2004
  • Atlanta Magazine’s “TOP DOCTORS’ award in the field of Diagnostic Radiology, 2005
  • Recipient of Radiology Editor’s Recognition Award with Special Distinction, 2006, 2007
  • Recipient of the The Marquis Who’s Who Publication Board Award for “Who’s Who in America, 61st Edition, 2007
  • Recipient of the Society of Breast Imaging’s Gold Medal Award, 2009
  • Recipient of the American Board of Radiology’s Distinguished Service Award, 2010

Major or Recent Publications

  • Lewin JM, D’Orsi CJ, Hendrick RE, Moss LJ, et al. “Clinical Comparison of Full-Field Digital Mammography and Screen-Film Mammography for Detection of Breast Cancer”. AJR 179:671-677, 2002.
  • Pisano ED, Consantine AG, Yaffee MJ, Hendrick RE, Tosteson A, Fryback DG, Bassett LW, Baum JK, Conant EF, Jong RA, Rebner M, D’Orsi CJ. American College of Radiology Imaging Network Digital Mammographic Screening Trial: Objectives and Methodology. NCI Grant U01 CA079778 and U01 CA 080098. Radiology 236:404-412, 2005.
  • Pisano ED, Constantine AG, Hendrick RE, Yaffee MJ, Baum JK, Suddhasatta A, Conant EF, Fajardo LL, Bassett L, D’Orsi CJ, Jong R, Rebner, M, for the Digital Mammographic Imaging Screening Trial (DMIST) Investigators Group. “Diagnostic performance of digital versus film screen mammography for breast-cancer screening”. N Engl J Med 353;17: 1773-1783, 2005.
  • Smith RA, D’Orsi CJ, Newell MS. Screening for breast cancer. In Harris, JR, et al (eds) Diseases of the Breast (Revision, 4th edition). In Press, 2009.
  • Bassett LJ, Mahoney M, Apple S, D’Orsi C. Imaging of the Breast. In Press, 2009.
  • Nishakawa RM, Acharyya S, Gatsonis C, Pisano E, Cole E, Marques H, D’Orsi CJ, et al. Comparison of soft-copy and hard-copy reading for full-field digital mammogram. Radiology 251:41-49, 2009.
  • Karathanasis E, Chan L, Karumbaiah L, McNeeley K, D’Orsi CJ, Annapragada A.V., Sechopoulos I, Bellamkonda R.V. Tumor vascular permeability to a nanoprobe correlates to tumor-specific expression levels of angiogenic markers. PLoS ONE (in press-Public Library of Science).
  • Burnside ES, Sickles EA, Bassett LW, Rubin DL, Lee CH, Ikeda DM, Mendelson EB, Wilcox PA, Butler PF, D’Orsi CJ. The ACR BI-RADS experience: Leaning from history. J Am Coll Radiol 6:851-860, 2009.
  • Lee CH, Dershaw D, Kopans D, Evans P, Monsees B, Monticciolo D, Brenner J, Bassett L, Bert W, Feig S, Hendrick E, Mendelson E, D’Orsi CJ. et al. Breast cancer screening with imaging: Recommendations from the Society of Breast Imaging and the ACR on the use of mammography, breast MRI, breast ultrasound, and other technologies for the detection of clinically occult breast cancer. J Am Coll Radiol 7:18-27, 2010.
  • Bent CK, Bassett LW, D’Orsi CJ, Sayre JW. The positive predictive value of BI-RADSmicrocalcification descriptors and final assessment categories. AJR 194:1378-1383, 2010.
  • Sechopoulos I, Feng S, D’Orsi CJ. Dosimetric characterization of a dedicated breast computed tomography clinical prototype. Medical Physics, in press.


Dr. D’Orsi enjoys woodworking, travel, target pistol and skeet.

He was assigned to mammography when he was an attending at the old Peter bent Brigham Hospital (now Brigham and Womens) in Boston in 1972. The Chair of Radiology at the time was Dr. Herb Abrams. He summoned Dr. D’Orsi and a friend to his office and said, “Listen, two areas will be very big soon. One is ultrasound and the other mammography. One of you pick one and the other will back you up.” Dr. D’Orsi got mammography. Since there was little to no experience available in most places to learn mammography, he trained at Emory in 1972 with Dr. Richard Egan, who is considered the father of modern mammography. Dr. D’Orsi started and is ending his career at Emory!