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Advancing Medicine at Emory

Emory claims some of the most important scientists, groundbreaking researchers and expert physicians in the country. Every day, Emory physicians deliver discovery, innovation and highly-specialized medical care that make a difference in disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention in Atlanta and around the world. These nationally recognized experts in their specific fields of treatment seek solutions that push the limits of science and expand the boundaries of knowledge.

Our physicians are putting cutting-edge interventional research and technology into lifesaving action, and contributing to the advancement of medical science.

We are embarking on an exciting journey as we set sail toward a new model of patient care for the 21st century. Emory physicians are investigating the unknown by evaluating:

  • New therapies
  • Surgical techniques and
  • Innovative treatments and technologies.

Advancing Medicine in Cancer


Walter J. Curran, MD

An international expert in the management of patients with brain tumors and lung cancer, Dr. Curran is the Chief Medical Officer of the Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University.


Carl D'Orsi, MD

Dr. D’Orsi has been the Director of Breast Imaging at Emory since 2002. He is a nationally renown expert in digital mammography and has kept Emory on the forefront of breast imaging technology, leading clinical trials on the new dedicated breast CT scan and using digital mammography for the early detection of breast cancer.


Omer Kucuk, MD

A specialist in Oncology and Nutrition, Dr. Kucuk is widely regarded as an innovator in cancer prevention and treatment. He adds an internationally recognized level of expertise to Emory's prostate cancer program.


David K. Monson, MD

Dr. Monson, assistant professor of Orthopaedic Surgery and Chief of Orthopaedic Surgery at Emory University Hospital Midtown, focuses on rare tumors (sarcoma of the bone and soft tissue) and other uncommon benign bone and soft tissue tumors.


Shervin V. Oskouei, MD

Dr. Oskouei, heads the Emory Musculoskeletal Oncology and Limb Reconstruction Center, a world-class center treating a variety of conditions, including benign and malignant tumors of the extremities and spine.


Peter Rossi, MD

Peter Rossi, assistant professor of Radiation Oncology at the Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University, specializes in the treatment and care of patients with prostate cancer. He is involved in national clinical trials focused on improving cancer care outcomes for prostate, bladder, and cervical cancers.


Suresh Ramalingam, MD

Dr. Suresh Ramalingam specializes in the treatment of lung cancer and other thoracic malignancies. His research interests include development of novel anti-cancer agents, management of elderly patients with lung cancer, and evaluation of methods to individualize therapies to patients.

Advancing Medicine in Cardiology

Sonjoy Laskar, MD 

Sonjoy Laskar, MD

Dr. Laskar, assistant professor of Medicine, Center for Heart Failure Therapy and Transplantation, focuses on the areas of heart failure, heart transplantation and ventricular assist devices as destination therapy.

Advancing Medicine in Ear, Nose and Throat

Adam M. Klein, MD 

Adam M. Klein, MD

Dr. Klein, assistant professor, Emory University Department of Otolaryngology, specializes in laryngeal disorders and the professional voice. A member of the American Academy of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, his research interests include the development of a laryngeal surgical trainer and vocal fold reanimation.

Advancing Medicine in Neurosciences

Dr Oyesiku 

Nelson Oyesiku, MD, PhD, FACS

An internationally recognized neurosurgeon, Dr. Nelson Oyesiku specializes in the care of patients with pituitary disorders. He is the Co-Director of the Emory Pituitary Center and a professor of Neurosurgery and Medicine.

Dr. Ioachimescu 

Adriana Ioachimescu, MD, PhD

Focusing on clincial diagnosis and endocrine management of pituitary diseases, Dr. Ioachimescu is Co-Director of the Emory Pituitary Center and oversees activity of the pituitary-endocrine clinic.

Advancing Medicine in Orthopaedics


Thomas Bradbury, MD

Dr. Bradbury specializes in an alternative technique for hip replacement surgery called Anterior Hip Arthroplasty. This unique surgery allows the surgeon to expose the hip without disturbing muscular attachments to the bones around the joint.


James R. Roberson, MD

Dr. Roberson, Chairman of the Department of Orthopaedics, specializes in adult reconstructive surgery of the hip and knee. His area of research involves alternative biomaterials for hip replacement and prevention of dislocation after hip replacement.

Advancing Medicine in Surgery


Stuart Knechtle, MD

Dr. Knechtle is an expert in transplantation surgery and immunology. His research drives to render patients independent from the toxic side effects of daily immunosuppressive medications. He performed the first Domino Liver Transplant in Georgia and is the Clinical Director of the Emory Transplant Center.


Edward Lin, DO

Dr. Edward Lin has international expertise in using minimally invasive and endoscopic surgery techniques in treating gastrointestinal tract diseases. His expertise has led to device development and his research focuses on the role that gut hormones play in regulating type-2 diabetes.


Juan Sarmiento, MD

Dr. Juan Sarmiento is a leader in the field of laparoscopic liver resections. His research focuses on coagulation disorders after liver surgery, and better understanding the critical pathways for performing Whipple procedures, an extremely complicated cancer surgery. He is also researching MRI applications for liver and pancreatic problems.

Advancing Medicine in Transplant


Christian P. Larsen, MD, DPhil

Dr. Larsen is an internationally recognized leader in transplant surgery and immunology, and is the founding director of the Emory Transplant Center. His clinical practice focuses on kidney, pancreas and islet transplantation. In 2003, he performed the first islet transplant in Georgia.


James R. Spivey, MD

Dr. Spivey, Medical Director, Liver Transplantation, has practiced Hepatology for 15 years. He was the founding Hepatologist of the liver transplant program at Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, and hes been with Emory since 2005.

Advancing Medicine in Urology


John G. Pattaras, MD, FACS

John Pattaras, MD, Director of minimally invasive surgery, Department of Urology, specializes in using minimally invasive surgery to treat urologic cancers. His research focuses on robotic surgery and improving patient outcomes. He is an international leader in using cryoablation to treat kidney tumors, having performed more than 150 cases.