"When they first told me that I had a carcinoma, I immediately wanted to cry, but then I thought, ‘I am going to beat this’."

Breast Cancer PatientMy first visit to Winship was over 30 years ago, in the spring on 1986. I had discovered a lump in my right breast and my OB-GYN recommended that I go see a doctor at Emory. The lump turned out to be nothing more than a fibroid tumor, and the doctor recommended that I keep a close eye on the area.

Since then, everything was always fine, until I came in for my routine mammogram in September of 2008. The radiologist noticed something on the mammogram and scheduled me for a follow-up mammogram. During this visit, they saw changes in the cell growth of my right breast and scheduled me for a needle biopsy.

These samples came back positive for cancer and I was diagnosed with a malignant carcinoma.

When they first told me that I had a carcinoma, I immediately wanted to cry, but then I thought, ‘I am going to beat this’.

Emory is keeping me in total control. I always know that I am dealing with a professional, but here, they are more about helping you as a person to know what is going on. They do not simply explain the regimen but they explain why it is important. “It seems as though they have enough time to care about the patients instead of thinking, ‘How many more patients do I have to see today’. It is a caring facility, it really is.”

The CT scan was very easy. The most difficult part of the procedure is figuring out how to climb on the table and get positioned correctly. The whole thing didn’t take more than 15 or 20 minutes. I felt fine when I came in and I felt even better when I left because I was able to see the images before I left that appointment.

There are days when you don’t want to admit that its happening to you, but then, I know that it is so I keep telling myself to make the best of this. I am doing great right now.

Note: This patient had a mastectomy in January of 2010. “It only slowed me down for a few days. I will be starting my total evaluation soon and there will be some decisions to make about radiation. For now, life is almost back to normal.”

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