Liver Resection Patient Story

"My feeling about this place is it’s a miracle place for what it did for my family and me."

Liver Resection PatientA gastroenterologist, down in where I live, saw this mass on my liver and recommended that we biopsy it.
It was a very stressful time for me and my family, waiting for the outcome, but it turned out to be benign. The doctors wanted to leave the tumor in to check to see if it would grow over a six-month period.

My family and I did not feel comfortable with that and we asked for a second opinion. I told them that I wanted to talk to the best and they lead me up here to Dr. Sarmiento.

He took a look at the tumor and told me that the best option might be to go ahead and take it out. He thought that he could remove it laparoscopically. He was very upbeat, very personal and couldn’t ask for a better doctor. We agreed that, if he could do it, laparoscopic surgery would be our preference.

I was very scared. It didn’t really hit me till that morning when I started walking down that hallway to the surgery room. But Dr. Sarmiento told me he would take good care of me and I believed him 100%.

I don’t remember anything about the procedure. I just remember that morning, coming here early at 5 am, and getting prepped. Everybody from the nurses to the anesthesiologist was incredible. They helped me feel comfortable with what was going on that morning.

My wife and my family all around me when I woke up was a great feeling and I’ll never forget that.

I was able to walk around the day after the operation. Everyday, I tried to walk down the hallway at least 3 or 4 times.

My feeling about this place is it’s a miracle place for what it did for my family and me. I hope someday my daughters will be able to come to school here. My oldest is 6 years old and she wants to be a doctor. So I tell her, “I know a great place for you to go to school.”

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