"You read and hear about it, but until it happens to you, you don’t realize what it really means."

Teji SahniLast spring, I was about to leave for an overseas trip when I received a call from my local clinic. They said that my PSA level was somewhat higher then it should be and I needed to see a urologist fairly soon. Since I was going on an overseas trip I asked if I could schedule the appointment a couple of weeks later.

When I returned, I came to see a urologist at Emory and he performed a prostate biopsy. A few days later, I was told that I had a tumor. It was absolutely shattering. You read and hear about it, but until it happens to you, you don’t realize what it really means. It really sinks you, as if the ground is gone from under you.

I decided to choose Emory for a number of reasons. First, I was comforted by the availability of doctors from different disciplines - including the oncologist, urologist, radiologist and the primary care physician - all on the same network. They could easily consult each other and have all my records available electronically. Second, I attended a support group at Emory and met a number of people who received their treatment here and spoke very highly of their experience. And, finally, I wanted to be treated by physicians that had access to the best tools and latest scientific research. The more I read, the clearer it was that Emory was this place.

I had some apprehensions regarding the treatment and the pace at which my prostate cancer might progress. These apprehensions were put to rest when I met Dr. Rossi. I sought his advice, and it was so encouraging that I thought half my illness was gone just by the way he treated me. He clearly explained all of the different treatment options and answered all of my many questions. In fact, each time I would pose a question he would go to his computer and produce the latest study and show me the research from which he was basing the treatment. It was very educational and reassuring to get that kind of attention.

When I told people about my radiation they said, “Gosh, how long are you going to be on leave from work?” They were extremely surprised when I told them that I would go in for treatment in the morning, it would take five minutes to give me the radiation, and then I would go to work. It was much easier than I expected. It was painless and became part of a routine. The two months passed by very quickly and I was very pleased with the attention and treatment I received.

Since I completed radiation last August, my PSA score is undetectable. I come in for check-ups every 4 months and so far everything is going great. Dr. Rossi tells me that exercise is my best friend and I am taking this recommendation seriously. All 3 of my doctors (primary care, radiation, and oncology) are on the same system and are always up to date with my records. I feel fortunate to get this kind of coordinated care.

Teji Sahni, Atlanta, GA

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