Single Incision Anterior Total Hip Arthroplasty

This exciting alternative technique for hip replacement surgery allows the surgeon to expose the hip without removing as much muscle from the bone and minimally disturbing the capsule of the hip joint, which means faster recovery time. This approach involves a single, very short incision into the patient's leg and is performed by entering the front of the hip as opposed to the back of the hip.

Our physicians perform this procedure on a special orthopaedic table called the Hannah table which can be moved in any direction so the leg can be turned and rotated, offering easy access to the hip. Emory is currently the only facility in Atlanta performing this innovative hip replacement procedure.

Patient Advantages:

  • The procedure offers a quicker recovery after surgery because the surgeon does less removal of muscle and ligaments from the bones around the hip joint than is done with the more traditional type of replacement.
  • When surgery is performed to the back of the hip, it typically restricts the amount of motion the hip can have for the first couple of months after surgery while the tissues heal, but with this new approach, the patient can move the leg in any position after surgery and not worry about the hip dislocating or the ball coming out of the socket.

Why Emory?

Anterior total hip arthroplasty is unique to the state of Georgia as Emory is the only facility in Atlanta currently performing it. The procedure provides quicker recovery times and the best outcomes for our patients.

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