Longer Lasting Hip and Knee Replacements with Alternative Biomaterials

The field of orthopaedics is a constantly evolving sub specialty where medical technology and research drives the development of new products used for reconstruction of body parts, specifically for hip and knee replacements.

Emory has been on the forefront of investigating and using these state-of-the-art materials for hip and knee replacements. These materials include ceramic on ceramic surfaces, metal on metal surfaces, and highly cross-linked polyethylene. The newer biomaterials can reduce wear rates by over 99 percent compared to previous materials, thus enhancing the life of the new hip or knee.

Patient Advantages:

  • Adult reconstruction or hip and knee arthritis surgery using these biomaterials deliver quality outcomes that make a dramatic improvement in a patient's quality of life.
  • At the first post-operative visit, patients are more comfortable, have less pain and are even more functional than before their surgery.

Why Emory?

Emory is on the forefront of investigating and using new, alternative biomaterials for hip and knee replacement that continue to enhance the life of a new hip or knee. Our physicians were members of the initial clinical research investigation and evaluation of all three of the newer biomaterials.

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Hear My Story

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