Predictive Health: Keeping People Healthy Today, Tomorrow and Throughout Their Lifetime

A doctor's office usually exists to treat sick people but the Emory/Georgia Tech Predictive Health Institute is reexamining that premise to create a new and innovative model of health care that focuses on maintaining health rather than treating disease. This involves engaging patients more fully in their own care.

Emory believes that keeping people healthy is more efficient and effective than waiting until people get sick and trying to get them well again. This proactive approach uses new tools of bio-science to identify and measure risks and deviations from health, develop common processes that promote health maintenance and restore faulty processes to healthy ones before diseases occur.

Patient Advantages:

  • The goal of the Center is to decrease the likelihood of chronic disease development.
  • Information about an individual's personal health is given along with decision support for treatment options to prevent eventual disease.
  • A relationship builds between the health partner and the individual, the partner is with each participant through their entire assessment, and together, they create a health plan, which identifies what inhibits individuals from taking better care of themselves and empowers them to make their own changes.

Why Emory?

The Predictive Health Institute can identify those early predictors of eventual disease and decrease the likelihood of chronic disease. Emory's strength lies in being able to identify these fundamental processes in the body that are markers for late onset disease.

Emory/Geogia Tech Predictive Health Institute

Hear My Story

Hear My Story

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