Minimally Invasive Liver Resection

Emory is revolutionizing liver resection surgery by offering a minimally invasive approach to this intricate procedure. In the past, liver resections were performed using major incisions, which predisposed the patient to infections, hernia formations, wound breakdown, scarring, and pain. But now the surgery can be performed using a laparoscope.

The laparoscopic procedure replicates the open liver resection procedure but is done instead through a few small incisions, using specially designed cameras and tools. The largest incision is only a few inches long, and this is the port through which the specimen is removed. Surgeons operate in teams, bringing the combined expertise of a dedicated liver surgeon and a laparoscopic surgeon to each operation. This laparoscopic approach is less painful, allows for quicker recovery, and most patients return home a few days after their procedure.

Patient Advantages

  • This minimally invasive approach alleviates the need to open the abdomen to perform a hepatectomy resulting in less blood loss, minimal scarring, significantly less postoperative pain, and shorter recovery times.
  • The laparoscopic camera provides the surgeon excellent visualization, therefore resulting in better outcomes for the patient.
  • Much shorter recovery times mean patients can return home a few days after surgery.

Why Emory?

In most medical centers, major hepatectomies are performed with an open method, by completely opening the abdomen. Emory is one of the few health care systems in the country performing these procedures laparoscopically, through 3 or 4 small incisions. We have extensive experience, performing over 100 laparoscopic procedures, and our surgeons are nationally recognized for their expertise in this area. Our outcomes and methods are leading this field nationally and internationally.

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Hear My Story

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