Transplant Medical Advances

Transplant Immunology

Transplant ImmunologySummary: Emory is at the forefront of transplant immunology research, using groundbreaking strategies to prevent rejection of transplanted organs by establishing true immune tolerance with drugs that are less toxic and have less side effects (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, kidney toxicity and diabetes) than traditional immunosuppressants.

Heart Transplant after LVAD

Heart TransplantSummary: The Emory Center for Heart Transplantation in Atlanta, Georgia ranks among the nation's top heart transplant hospitals. At Emory, we perform 25-30 transplants per year. In addition, Emory heart surgeons now offer patients the LVAD (Left Ventricular Assist Device) as both long-terms therapy and as a bridge to transplant.

Cholangiocarcinoma Bile Duct Cancer

Liver Transplant Protocol for Bile Duct CancerSummary: The Emory Transplant Center offers a new protocol to treat bile duct cancer, an aggressive disease that tends to spread locally. When combining radiation and chemotherapy with a liver transplant, this protocol ensures that all of the cancer is removed during surgery and offers hope to patients diagnosed with this historically lethal disease.