Mobile Screenings

Emory Healthcare has partnered with national testing provider, HealthFair, to deliver convenient and affordable health testing to your neighborhood.  Together, Emory Healthcare and HealthFair are dedicated to providing high quality cardiovascular screenings to determine if you are at risk for heart disease or stroke.

We tailor a screening plan to each individual patient in a phased approach.

Phase I – Telephone screening

Emory Healthcare and HealthFair will screen each person before scheduling an appointment by asking some basic "risk assessment" questions to determine if he or she could be at risk for cardiovascular disease.

Phase II – Basic Biometric Screening

This screening will provide participants with a snapshot of their overall health and identify "at risk" individuals.

Phase III – Advanced Biometric Screening

If the participant is identified as "at risk", the person can opt in for an advanced biometric screenings which will test individuals for heart attack, stroke and a potential aneurysm. This will help identify major medical issues that need to be addressed by a physician.

Phase IV – HealthCare Coordination and Follow Up

Each person requiring additional follow up will be contacted by an Emory Healthcare registered nurse who will go over the results and if necessary, help determine the next step in care.

Mobile Screening FAQ

Where do screenings take place?

Screenings take place on board our state – of –the-art mobile health screening units. The mobile health units are designed with two examination rooms and a waiting room so that patients have a comfortable, private and professional atmosphere for your screenings.

What are the closest screening locations and upcoming dates?

To find the screening location and date that will best meet your needs visit Emory Screening.

How can I schedule a screening for me?

Visit to find a location nearest you and register for the event that is most convenient for you.

How long will it take for me to get my test results back?

You will receive a follow up call from Emory Healthcare’s care coordination team with the results of your test within one week. If you have not heard from Emory Healthcare within one week you can call 404-778-7777.

How will I know what my results of the tests are?

An Emory Healthcare care coordinator will call you to discuss the results of your screening within one week. If you need a referral to a physician if you are at risk, the care coordinator can help you determine who the best physician for your needs is.

Do you offer other services other than cardiovascular screenings?

In Spring 2014, Emory Healthcare will partner with Healthfair to offer mobile mammographies.

How can I schedule my organization to invite you to our event to perform screenings?

If you would like to schedule a health screening at your facility please complete the short form below:

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HealthFair is a Joint Commission-accredited mobile screening company that works with academic medical centers as well as community hospitals across the United States. The Joint Commission accreditation is recognized as a symbol of quality that reflects an organization’s commitment to meeting certain performance standards.

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