Neurosciences Patient Testimonials

TestimonialsAt Emory Healthcare, we pride ourselves on our quality patient care and service. We frequently receive feedback from our patients, such as these patient testimonials:

Thomas Moody

A physically active man, Thomas Moody thought life as he knew it was over after a diagnosis with cervical dystonia, an excruciatingly painful and debilitating disease that affects the head and upper body. But after a year of periodic Botox injections in his neck, Moody has found a new lease on life. Learn more >>

Carolyn Tiller

Cervical dystonia couldn’t stop Carolyn Tiller - despite the debilitating pain. Instead, she and her doctor stopped it, right in its tracks. Learn more >>

Michael Richardson

At 13, Michael Richardson was diagnosed with dystonia, a painful disease that involves involuntary muscle contractions. He played little league baseball back then, but soon needed a wheelchair to get around. Now, thanks to deep brain stimulation, Richardson is back in the game. Learn more >>

Darien Smith

Darien Smith was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at 42. But medication didn’t always alleviate his symptoms. His doctor asked him to consider deep brain stimulation to control the movement. Now, he says he has a new lease on life. Learn more >>

Jennifer Giliberto

By chance, vivacious Jennifer Giliberto found out she had a lesion in her brain. It took months before she learned what that really meant to her, her family, and her future. But now she knows. Giliberto tells us how this discovery has changed her life. Learn more >>

Gary Gelb

Early this year, Gary Gelb was on business giving a presentation when he suffered a seizure. Doctors in Las Vegas told him he had a brain tumor. They wanted to remove it right there and then. On the advice of friends and colleagues, he instead flew home and sought treatment at Emory. Now, he’s back to work and back to the active life he enjoyed before that fateful trip out West. Learn more >>

Neil Cullinan

Neil Cullinan was greatly enjoying the use of his new hip when he started getting headaches. He noticed there was something different about the kind of pain they brought. Cullinan was soon diagnosed with a pituitary macroadenoma and soon faced surgery for the hefty brain tumor--but his story doesn’t end there. Learn more >>

Donna Yancey

Donna Yancey was diagnosed with a rare type of brain tumor, a clival chordoma. With a little faith and a lot of strength, she and her doctors knocked it out. Learn more >>

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