Spine Surgery Contacts

If you have any questions about your spine treatment or following spine surgery, please call your physician's nurse, listed below.

Spinal Surgery

Dr. Dheera Ananthakrishnan
-Jennifer Hudson, RN 404-778-7163

Dr. Scott Boden
-Lorri Vetter, RN 404-778-7141

Dr. John Heller
-Lisa Swanson, RN 404-778-7189

Dr. Gerald Rodts
-James Edmunds, RN 404-778-6307

Dr. John Rhee
-Betty Franklin, RN 404-778-7007

Dr. Tim Yoon
-Bettie Cheek, EN ANP-BC 404-778-7183

Physician Assistants

Bob Lackey
Dale Ziegler


To speak with a manager, call Nate Comstock, Supervisor of Patient Access, at 404-778-7041.

Other important phone numbers:

Spine Center Appointments: 404-778-7000
After-hour emergencies: 404-778-5000

Orthopedic Conditions
For appointments, call