Hip Fracture

A fracture (break in the bone) of the hip is a very common injury. This is usually the result of a fall from a standing height in the older individual, but it can also occur in younger patients. Most commonly, the fracture occurs in the femoral neck (the area of bone that joins the ball to the shaft of the femur bone). This fracture is usually treated with a partial or total hip replacement. The fracture can also occur in the area below the femoral neck called the intertrochantetic region of the femur. In this case, the facture is usually repaired with a specially designed nail or plate.

Symptoms of a Hip Fracture

• Pain over the outer upper thigh or in the groin
• Significant discomfort with any attempt to flex or rotate the hip
• Aching in the groin or thigh area
• The leg may appear to be shorter than the non-injured leg

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