Ultrasound sonography is an imaging technique that uses sound waves at a frequency above what humans are able to hear. The waves penetrate the body, and the reflections and refractions of those waves reveal the real-time activity of the internal tissues and structures of the body. Ultrasound may provide information about tendons, ligaments and soft tissue that at times can be better than MRI. Your physician will discuss if ultrasound testing is appropriate for you.

Understanding the Ultrasound Procedure

For an ultrasound examination, a lubricating gel is spread on the parts of the body to be read, and a small instrument called a transducer is held against the body and moved across it to generate sound waves. The transducer reads echoes from these sound waves and feeds them back to a system that produces a visual image on a TV monitor. The procedure is painless and safe even for pregnant women.

Orthopedic Treatment Options
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