Learn More About Emory Healthcare's Three Portals

Help Me Decide Which Portal to Use

Our patient portals are a convenient way to securely view your personal health information and interact with Emory Healthcare. They play a key role in your health care – providing a 24/7 connection to the information you need to make better decisions. We encourage all of our patients to create an account to ensure you have ready access to your personal health information.

We use different electronic medical records to provide patient care. This means we also have multiple patient portals – the Emory BLUE Portal, Emory GOLD Portal and Emory Eye Center Portal. Most patients use the BLUE Portal. Some use the GOLD Portal. Depending on your providers, you may need access to more than one portal. We’re working diligently to improve our patients’ experience with this technology and have several improvement measures underway. Thank you for your patience as we enhance our portal technology.

BLUE Portal

Most of our patients will use this portal. Access the Emory BLUE Patient Portal if you see an outpatient provider within the Emory Clinic or have been hospitalized at an Emory hospital. You can also view a list of participating offices to see if your provider uses the BLUE Portal.

If you need an invitation to the BLUE Portal, there are two ways to get one:

GOLD Portal

Some of our providers use the Emory GOLD Patient Portal. View a list of participating offices to see if your provider uses the GOLD Portal.

If you need an invitation to the GOLD Portal, there are two ways to get one:


The Emory Eye Center is transitioning all electronic access to eye health records to the Emory Eye Center Patient Portal; however, for now, you need to belong to both the Emory Eye Center Patient Portal and Emory BLUE Patient Portal to connect with us electronically.

Emory EYE Center Patient Portal: See your provider’s visit note, education specific to your eye health and imaging test results from visits after you have enrolled in the Emory Eye Center Patient Portal and been seen by your provider.

Emory BLUE Patient Portal: Send secure messages to your Emory Eye Center care team and request prescription renewals.

Emory Eye Center patients can request access to the Emory Eye Center and Emory BLUE patient portals by calling 404-778-2020, 8 a.m.–5 p.m., Monday–Friday.