Lawrence S Phillips, MD

Emory Clinic

Professor of Medicine

Emory Healthcare Network Physician
Endocrinology (Board certified since 1973)
Internal Medicine (Board certified since 1972)
Areas of Clinical Interest:
adrenal disorders
thyroid disorders
Office(s) Locations:
Emory Clinic 'A'
1365 Clifton Road, NE 3rd Fl
Atlanta, GA 30322
404 778-3280
Year Started Practicing: 1969
Year Started Practicing at Emory: 1983
Organizational Memberships:
American Diabetes Association
American Society for Clinical Investigation
Principal Investigator, Women's Health Initiative, Emory University
Program Director, General Clinical Research Center, Emory University
The Endocrine Society
Major or Recent Publications:

Association of younger age as a risk factor for poor glycemic control and obesity in urban African-Americans with type 2 diabetes. El-Kebbi, I.M., Cook, C.B., Ziemer, D.C., Miller, C.D., Gallina, D.L., Phillips, L.S. . Archive of Internal Medicine,163: 69-75 (2003)

Clinical inertia. Phillips, L.S., Branch, W.T. Jr., Cook, C.B., Doyle, J.P., El-Kebbi, I.M., Gallina, D.L., Miller, C.D., Ziemer, D.C., Barnes, C.S. . Annals of Internal Medicine ,135: 825-834 (2001)

Hypoglycemia in patients with Type 2 diabetes. Miller, C.D., Phillips, L.S., Ziemer, D.C., Gallina, D.L., Cook, C.B., El-Kebbi, I.M.

Archives of Internal Medicine . null,161: 1653-1659 (2001)

Rapid-turnaround HbA1c availability improves diabetes clinical decision-making in an urban primary care clinic. Miller, C.D., Barnes, C.S., Phillips, L.S., Ziemer, D.C., Gallina, D.L., Cook, C.B., El-Kebbi, I.M. . Diabetes Care ,26: 1158-1163 (2003)

The Improving Primary Care of African Americans with Diabetes (IPCAAD) Project: Rationale and Design. Phillips, L.S., Cook, C.B, El-Kebbi, I.M., Gallina, D.L., Ziemer, D.C., Miller, C.D., Doyle, J.P., Hayes, R.P., Thompson, D.N., Ballard, D.J., Barnes, C.S., Hertzberg, V.S., Branch, W.T., Jr.. Controlled Clinical Trials ,23: 554-569 (2002)

The impact of outpatient diabetes management on serum lipids in urban African Americans with type 2 diabetes. Erdman, D.M., Cook, C.B., Greenlund, K.J., Giles, W.H., El-Kebbi, I.M., Ryan, G.J., Gallina, D.L., Ziemer, D.C., Dunbar, V.G., Phillips, L.S. . Diabetes Care ,25: 9-15 (2002)

Medical School
Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

Presbyterian-St. Luke's Hospital, Chicago, IL

Presbyterian-St. Luke's Hospital, Chicago, IL

Washington University School of Medicine, Seattle, WA