Nabil F Saba, MD, FACP

                MD, FACP
Emory Clinic

Director, Head and Neck Medical Oncology

Professor at Winship Cancer Institute

Emory Healthcare Network Physician
Hematology (Board certified since 1997)
Medical Oncology (Board certified since 1997)
Office(s) Locations:
Winship Cancer Institute
1365 C Clifton Road, NE
Atlanta, GA30322
404 778-1900

Emory University Hospital Midtown
550 Peachtree St; Glenn Bldg
Atlanta, GA30308
404 686-8189
Additional Spoken Language(s):
Year Started Practicing: 1999
Year Started Practicing at Emory: 2003
Organizational Memberships:
American Head and Neck Cancer Society
American College of Radiology (Head and Neck Panel)
American College of Physicians
American Society of Clinical Oncology
Massachusetts Medical Society
Major or Recent Publications:

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Medical School
American University Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon

University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinic, Madison, WI

Faulkner Hospital, Boston, MA

Brown University, Providence, RI
Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto, ON, Canada