Services and Treatments

Diagnostics and Therapies Offered through the Asthma and Allergy Clinic


Asthma Action Plan Development

Asthma and Teaching and Education Program

Information for Good Asthma Living

Smoking Cessation


State of the Art PFT Facility

Exhaled NO Testing

Allergy Testing:   Skin Prick, Intradermal, Allergy Specific IgE Testing

Immunotherapy (to be offered by summer 2013)

Rhinoscopy (Dr. Shih)

Bronchial Thermoplasty - in conjunction with our Interventional Pulmonology Program

Biological Therapies:   Anti-IgE Therapy (Xolair), IgG Therapy (sub-cutaneous, IV), other Biologics

Consultation with the Otolarygology Dept, including the Emory Voice Center at Emory Midtown

Consultation with the Infectious Disease Dept and Microbiology Lab to understand infectious triggers of asthma

Consultation with Emory Sleep Center

Cardio-pulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET)

We will also be actively enrolling patients in research trial for asthma and allergy related therapies and diagnostics