Become a Patient

Patients may be self-referred or referred by another physician. The process is the same for all referrals and is outlined below:


For all appointments call 404-778-5050. Please allow 2wks for scheduling, wait times are shorter or longer based on individual provider availability. Please call 24hrs in advance if you need to cancel your appointment. The Emory Clinic (TEC) Pulmonology Office adresses:

TEC - Clifton Road: 1365 Clifton Rd, Building A, 4th Floor - Atlanta, GA  30322            Fax: 404-778-4431

TEC - Midtown: 550 Peachtree St NE, Med. Tower Building, 6 floor - Atlanta, GA 30308  Fax: 404-686-4840

TEC - Perimeter: 875 Johnson Ferry Rd NE, Suite 200 - Atlanta, GA  30342                 Fax: 404-778-4431

Clinic Visits and Parking

Please arrive 30 minutes early for your initial visit to allow us time to record your insurance information and for completion of a new patient questionnaire. Bring a valid form of identification, insurance information, relevant medical documents (see below) and a responsible adult for transportation if you are having a procedure. Valet parking is available at the Clifton Rd and Midtown locations. Water, coffee and refreshments are frequently provided in our waiting rooms, and a cafeteria is available onsite as well at our Clifton and Midtown locations.

Relevant Documention - Important, Please Read:

We ask that you provide all relevant documents prior to your initial visit to expedite your evaluation, prevent duplication of expensive testing and allow for comparison when new studies are required. These documents can be obtained through the medical records department of any office or hopsital, typically at no additional charge to the patient. A signed records release is usually required, please specify the location of your initial clinic visit on the records release(see contact information above).


1. Office or hospital notes pertinent to your complaint or condition (hospital history and physicals, office history or followup notes, consultation notes, etc).

2. Pulmonary function tests, including new and old testing as far back as possible.

3. Lung imaging reports - Chest x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, PET scans, ultrasounds, contrasted studies, and any other relevant chest imaging.

4. Lung imaging CDs - the actual images for the studies above are typically required for ILD Program Clinic visits. This is because the information they provide is invaluable to your diagnosis. If your lung imaging was done at an Emory facility you do not have to provide these discs.

5. Procedure notes - from prior bronchoscopies, thoracenteses, biopsies, surgeries, and other procedural documentation.

6. Laboratory and pathology studies - recent common lab testing and any special tests relevant to your complaint or diagnosis, including CULTURE DATA (sputum, blood, urine, bronchoalveolar lavage) and pathology reports.

7. Pathology slides - if you have had a biopsy (surgical or by bronchoscopy) please have your slides sent to:

Emory University Hospital Department of Pathology, attn: Dr. Anthony Gal, MD                  1364 Clifton Rd NE,  Atlanta GA    30322

8. Referring physician contact information, including fax and office phone numbers.

As a general rule, the more documentation you provide the better we can help you. Please be prepared to answer questions regarding your personal and family medical history, social/occupational and exposure history, and past/present medication regimen.

Patient Portal

We are excited to announce the launching of the Emory Patient Portal, which allows patients on-line access to their diagnostic information including labs, radiological testing and more. You may also email office staff with questions regarding your care. Enrollment is easy, please ask your receptionist for a brochure with instructions and more information.