The People you will Meet

A patient services representative will greet you at the reception desk and check you in. He or she will also help you schedule any necessary follow-up visits.

Medical assistants will prepare you to see the physician. They will record your vital signs and assist with medical procedures.

Nurses are actively involved in your care and readily available to help you. Before beginning treatment, a registered nurse will teach you about radiation and how to manage any side effects you might experience.

In addition to your physician, you may meet a resident physician who is undergoing specialized training in radiation oncology. He or she works under the supervision of the radiation oncologist.

Nurse practitioners will collaborate with you and the physician in your ongoing medical care. They are available to assist with questions about your treatment and help manage any side effects that you may have.

You will meet with a radiation oncologist to discuss your care and treatment options. Our physicians are board-certified and highly experienced in using radiation to treat tumors. Your radiation oncologist is the leader of your treatment team.

Your radiation therapist will administer your treatment. He or she will deliver the radiation precisely as the doctor has prescribed, using a machine called a linear accelerator. You and your therapist will schedule a time for your daily treatments.

Dosimetrists work with a physician to plan the best way to deliver radiation to the tumor. The goal is to minimize radiation to nearby healthy tissue. Using a special computer, the dosimetrist calculates the direction of the radiation beam and the type of equipment to be used.

Physicists validate treatment plans and conduct quality tests on the treatment machines. These frequent tests ensure the equipment is operating safely, accurately, and consistently.

A social worker is available to meet with you and your loved ones during treatment. She can assist you with concerns you may have and any personal or family issues related to your diagnosis or treatment.

The lymphedema therapist is available for patients who experience swelling of the lymph nodes. Your physician will recommend a consult with this specialist if they feel you would benefit from it.

The financial counselor and members of our billing staff are available to help you understand the financial aspects of radiation treatment.