Radiation Treatment & Follow-Up Care

The first day of treatment will acquaint you with your radiation therapist and your treatment room. You will be assigned to the same room for all of your treatments. Your radiation therapist will use highly detailed images to ensure that you are positioned properly for your treatment.

Your radiation oncologist will view these images and confirm your treatment plan. Once you are positioned, your treatment can begin. It is very important that you do not move after you have been correctly positioned. If you are uncomfortable or if you are having trouble holding yourself still, let your therapist know. They can help you reposition.

The therapists leave the room during treatment and observe you through a closed-circuit television. The treatment machine will make a steady buzzing noise when the beam is on, and the machine may rotate around you. You will not feel anything during treatment. If you feel sick or uncomfortable during the treatment, notify the therapist immediately. Can pts bring music to listen to?  May want to add that if so

Treatment Schedule

Radiation treatments are usually given Monday through Friday. Unless your doctor tells you otherwise, continue your regular prescribed medication schedule. Your treatment, in general, will last anywhere from two to eight weeks.

Unless you request to miss a day of radiation or are otherwise notified, you will come at the same time every day. You will be in the radiation department for approximately 30 minutes every day.

During treatment, it is possible that your treatment plan may be revised depending on your response to the therapy. This is common. What must stay consistent is your attendance; do your best not to miss a treatment, because delays can lessen the effectiveness of therapy.

Problems & Concerns

Should you have concerns about your care or wait time, please contact:

  • Tim Crenshaw, Chief Therapist, (404) 778-5315
  • Kelli Gress, Administrator, Clinical Operations, (404) 778-3892

For after hour emergencies, please call (404) 778-5000 and ask the operator to contact the Radiation Oncologist on call.