Radiation Simulation

The next step of radiation therapy is to develop a treatment plan. To start this process, the doctor will obtain a CT scan, or a detailed x-ray image.

You will be placed in a CT scanner. The therapist will create a device to hold your body in the proper position for treatment, which often depends on the location of your tumor. Customized special pads or a head mask may be used.

The CT scan will be used to design your treatment plan. After the scan, you will have a cast (Vac-Lock) made or ink marks placed on your skin. These non-permanent marks will be used to position you for treatment daily, and it is very important that they remain on your body during the full course of treatment.

The simulation process can last anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. Over the next week, your treatment team will use data from the CT images to plan your treatment. Approximately a week after your CT simulation, your treatments will begin.