The TrueBeam™ system is an advanced medical linear accelerator, also known as a radiotherapy treatment machine, which integrates and synchronizes performance of imaging and treatment technology, allowing faster and more precise image-guided radiotherapy.


This new technology was engineered from the ground up to deliver higher doses of radiation with increased accuracy, empowering the equipment to narrowly target tumors and avoid the surrounding healthy tissues and organs. TrueBeam™ enables faster radiotherapy treatments that are easier on the patient, who does not need to hold still for long periods of time. 

Treatment Advantages 

 TrueBeam™ is fast and precise. Its speed means shorter treatment times, which leads to less interruption of patients’ daily lives. 

 TrueBeam™ was designed with patient ease and comfort in mind with sophisticated technology to ensure constant patient-therapist interaction

 TrueBeam™ offers treatment options for patients who otherwise may not have been candidates for traditional radiotherapy, and offers physicians more options for treating complex cancer cases.

Fast & Precise

Faster, automated treatment delivery management software significantly shortens the duration of sophisticated treatments involving different beam angles. The TrueBeam™ system can generate high-quality 3-D images of the tumor and surrounding anatomy, 60% faster than was possible with previous generations and using 25% less X-ray dose. These images help fine-tune a patient’s position and pinpoint tumor motion during a treatment, enabling improved accuracy when targeting the tumor. 

The precision of TrueBeam™ is measured in increments of less than a millimeter. This accuracy is made possible by the system’s complimentary architecture, which synchronizes imaging, patient positioning, motion management, beam-shaping and dose delivery. For instance, the system performs accuracy checks every ten milliseconds throughout the entire treatment.  

Patient Comfort

In addition to speed and accuracy, TrueBeam™ incorporates enhanced communication technology, which enables a constant interaction between the patient and therapist operating the equipment. Three closed-circuit television systems enable comprehensive monitoring of the patient from outside the treatment room. Additional features allow music to be played during treatment, helping to create a more soothing treatment environment.

Advanced Treatments

The Truebeam integrates imaging and delivery technologies that provide superior control for progressive treatment techniques. It presents new possibilities for the treatment of challenging cases such as cancers in the lung, breast, abdomen, and head and neck as well as other cancers that are treatable with radiotherapy. 

The Technology

Enhanced imaging capabilities are used to guide patient placement and treatment delivery.  The TrueBeam™ machine rotates around the patient to deliver the radiation treatments from nearly any angle., The radiation beam is sculpted and shaped to match the three-dimensional shape of the tumor, using an accessory known as a multi-leaf collimator (MLC).  This device has 120 computer-controlled mechanical “leaves” or “fingers” that manipulate the radiation beam into different shapes and sizes. The MLC accessory enables the equipment to change the beam during the course of treatment, to carefully target the tumor and protect surrounding tissues to the greatest extent possible.