Emergency Stroke Therapy


Frontal angiogram
  • Patient with sudden onset of confusion and weakness.
  • Frontal angiogram following injection of x-ray dye demonstrates abrupt blockage at the top of the basilar artery.

A tiny catheter was initially placed from the patient's groin into the area of blockage and the clot dissolving medicine t-PA was administered directly into the clot. The following image shows the small catheter upstream of the clot.

tiny catheter

In this case the t-PA did not result in elimination of the clot and a small snare device was placed through the catheter in an attempt to grab the clot so that it could be pulled out of the artery. In this case, the snare was successful in capturing the clot which was then removed.


The final result was complete restoration of blood flow within the previously blocked artery. The angiograms below show the blocked artery on the left and the reopened artery on the right.

angiogram angiogram

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