CT Lung Screening

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What is a CT Lung Scan?

CT technology is used to detect pulmonary nodules, collections of abnormal tissue in the lungs that may be early manifestations of lung cancer. Lung CT screening may help with the early diagnosis and ultimately, increased survival rates, for lung cancer patients. Learn more on Lung CT. Learn more >>

Are There Criteria I Must Meet to be Screened?

Find out more about who we recommend the Lung CT Screening program for, and the eligibility criteria. Learn more >>

How Do I Get My CT Lung Scan?

Schedule your appointment today by calling us or requesting an appointment online. Learn more >>

Where Can I Get My CT Lung Scan?

Low-dose spiral Lung CT scans are performed at several Emory Healthcare locations. Find the one nearest you. Learn more >>

Tobacco and Lung Cancer

Tobacco use has been linked with an increased risk of developing lung cancer. Lung cancer is a treatable but potentially fatal disease. Until recently, there had not been data to suggest that screenings offered a survival advantage in at-risk populations. See how things have changed. Learn more >>

Lung Cancer Information