Orbital Tumor Embolization


Orbital Tumor Embolization Orbital Tumor Embolization

The above MRI images show a mass along the inner aspect of the patient's left eye. Embolization of the tumor was requested to decrease the blood supply prior to surgery.

The next image shows an angiogram of the blood supply to the tumor obtained by injecting x-ray dye in the feeding blood vessels before embolization. This x-ray is obtained from the sideview of the patient's head showing dramatic blood supply to the mass. A tiny catheter was carefully navigated into the blood vessel supplying the tumor and material was injected through the catheter to decrease the blood supply of the mass.
Orbital Tumor Embolization

The image below was obtained after embolization and shows dramatic decrease in the amount of blood supply to tumor.

Orbital Tumor Embolization

This patient subsequently went to surgery with complete removal of the mass by the surgeon.

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