Radiology Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1: What number do I call for scheduling?
A1: Please call 404-686-XRAY (9727) to schedule an imaging study or procedure.  Please note, however, that all Breast Imaging scheduling calls should go to 404-778-PINK (7465).

Q2: What information is required on a patient order?

  • Patient name
  • Date of Birth
  • Ordering physician - Last and First Name
  • Physician Signature
  • NPI (National Provider Index Number)
  • Name of the exam being ordered (i.e. Ultrasound, CT, MRI)
  • Specific part of the body of the exam (ex, Brain)
  • Reason for exam (verbal name ex, chest pain)
  • Diagnosis Code (ICD 9 ex. 786.50)
  • Indicate any special instructions
    • Whether IV or NPO contrast is needed for a particular exam
    • "Complete US Abdomen" or specific area in the abdomen (i.e. RUQ, LLQ, etc) "US Abdomen Limited".
    • Indicate whether an MRI needs IV sedationif the patient is claustrophobic.
    • If patient has a pacemaker or an allergic reaction to contrast.
    • Whether the patient is diabetic or any history of renal disease.

Q1: I am a physician or with a physician's office and have not received any faxed reports, what should I do?
A1: If you are not receiving your faxed reports, please call Cindy Gaskins at 404-686-1538.


Mike Armstrong, 404-686-8985
Asst. Director, Emory University Hospital Midtown

Chuck Powell, 404-778-4927
Director, Radiology Services

Chrystal Barnes, 678-474-7157
Director, Emory Johns Creek Hospital

Jane Vitali, 404-778-2326
Asst. Director, The Emory University Hospital & Wesley Woods

 Michael Barber, 404-778-6280
Asst. Director, Emory University Orthopsedic and Spine Hospital & Executive park Radiology

Nanci Nessel
Clinical Administrator


Technical Support - 404-778-HELP (4357) RadNet Online Help